Welcome to the Evergreen Studio website.  Art is my passion and I’m very proud to share with you some samples of my work.

My goal as an artist is to evoke strong emotions within the viewers of my work. To find something in my art that draws them deeply into the painting. I try to hit that nerve that makes the viewer want to keep looking again and again until they are immersed in the painting.

Happiness and joy are the emotions I center on. Flowers, gardens and landscapes bring these emotions out for me, I bring them to my artwork. Classic representational would best describe my style, oil on canvas is my primary medium. I bring a strong foundation in color to compose original oil paintings of the best subjects nature can offer.

These are some of the virtues that I see when observing the great impressionists and artists in history.  As a life long student of these masters, I hope to capture the hearts of the viewers of my work.

If you have interest in my work or where it is being exhibited, please feel free to contact me.


Jennifer Nixdorf McCalmont

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

-Paul Cezanne

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