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Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.
-Claude Monet

Jennifer McCalmont has always had a passion for art and flowers.  As most artists, she started painting and drawing at a young age.  Influenced by her mother’s (Nancee Nixdorf) portrait work in pastels, she continued her art education by studying fine art and textile design at Southeastern Massachusetts University.

Jennifer began her art career in the New York City Fashion-Textile Design Industry, which allowed for the visual beauty of graphic floral designs while teaching her valuable lessons in color theory.  Upon moving to New Hampshire Jennifer used her many artistic talents to create her own line of light hearted whimsically illustrated greeting cards.  Jennifer ran her own greeting card business for 10 years, marketing the cards and designs world wide.  Jennifer tapered her efforts with art for the dedication of raising her children.  Recently she has rediscovered her inner passion for oil painting and fine art.  All of her life experiences have culminated and can be seen in her many garden scape and flower study paintings.

In her quest for life long learning in fine art, Jennifer has studied with many “Boston School” notables such as Dennis Sheehan, Caleb Stone and Robert Douglas Hunter.

Study & Workshops

  • Robert Douglas Hunter
  • Everett Raymond Kinstler, NA
  • Steve Previte
  • Dennis Sheehan
  • Craig  Srebnik
  • Caleb Stone, Plein air landscapes (son of Don Stone, NA)
  • Paul Ingbretson
  • Mary Minifie
  • Sam Vokey


  • Jacob Collins
  • Daniel Greene, NA
  • Edward Jonas
  • David Leffel
  • Bart Lindstrom
  • Sherrie McGraw
  • Tony Ryder
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